What is Onda?

Onda is a three-in-one body contouring solution for smoothing cellulite, tightening loose skin and reducing stubborn pockets of fat. The Onda system is powered by Coolwaves™, a patented microwaves technology that replaces radiofrequency energy for skin tightening and cryolipolysis (fat freezing) or liposuction for fat reduction. This state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to address three of the most common body shaping concerns with a single device.

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How Does Onda Work?

Onda takes a multifaceted approach to body contouring.

Onda Fat Reduction

Onda’s Coolwaves™ penetrate deep into the skin to selectively target subcutaneous fat cells. The microwaves disrupt the membranes of the fat cells, causing them to lose their structural integrity and rupture. The treated fat is then drained off by the lymphatic system as part of the body’s normal metabolic processes. Fat cells that are destroyed cannot regenerate; they are gone for good.

Onda Skin Tightening

Onda improves skin laxity by generating heat within the dermis. In this layer of the skin, the Coolwaves™ trigger immediate shrinkage of existing collagen fibers, which pulls the skin taut. The heat also stimulates the production of new collagen to continue improving skin firmness and elasticity over time.

Onda Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite occurs when bands of connective tissue called septa tighten and contract, pulling down on the skin and causing fat in the area to bulge outward. Onda treats cellulite by addressing two of its underlying causes. The Coolwaves™ help to break down excess fat, reducing the volume of fat placing pressure against the skin, while simultaneously softening the septa by generating new, more elastic collagen fibers. The result is a reduction in the bumpy, ‘orange-peel’ appearance of cellulite.

What are the benefits of Onda?

Onda is one of the most sophisticated body contouring treatments available today. The benefits of Onda include:

  • First and only device with Coolwaves™ technology
  • 3-in-1 treatment
  • Noninvasive
  • No anesthetic required
  • Built-in cooling system for comfort
  • Fast treatment times
  • No downtime
  • Long-lasting results alongside a healthy lifestyle
  • Suitable for all skin types

What Areas Can Be Treated with Onda?

Onda can target many of the areas where body contouring is most desired:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Flanks (love handles)
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Submental area (under the chin)
  • Upper arms

Who is a Candidate for Onda Body Contouring?

Onda may be right for you if you are looking for a noninvasive, no downtime procedure that can:

  • Reduce pockets of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise
  • Improve microcirculation and lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce the pitted, dimpled appearance of cellulite
  • Restore taut, elastic skin
  • Complement other body contouring treatments

Onda is particularly effective for individuals who are close to their ideal body weight but struggle with localized areas of fat, skin laxity or cellulite that cannot be addressed with a healthy lifestyle. It is not an overall weight loss treatment. Rather, it is a body contouring system that puts the finishing touches on what you have achieved through diet and exercise.

Safety is always top of mind at Aesthetic Polyclinic. Onda is suitable for a wide range of individuals, but it may not be appropriate for everyone. Our providers will discuss your medical history and goals to confirm that Onda body contouring can be a safe and effective option for you.

What Steps Should Be Taken Before an Onda Treatment?

To get the best results from your treatment, we recommend that you do not apply lotions or other skincare products in the targeted area on the day of your appointment. Product-free skin allows for easier passage of the Coolwaves® down to the subdermal fat layer. It can also be beneficial to increase your water intake on your treatment day, as well as the days before and after.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. This will help you relax during the procedure and make it easier to access the treatment area.

What is the Onda Treatment Process?

Upon arrival at our clinic, you will be welcomed by our staff and brought to one of our comfortable treatment rooms. Your Onda provider will conduct a final assessment of the treatment area(s) and adjust the device settings according to your needs.

To perform the procedure, your provider will gently glide the Onda handpiece over your skin. There are two handpieces to choose from. One has a shallower treatment depth and the other deeper, allowing your provider to customize your treatment based on the area they are targeting. A contact cooling system is integrated into both handpieces to protect the surface of your skin and keep you comfortable during the procedure.

Each treatment area takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Multiple areas may be treated in each session.

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Is Onda Painful?

Most patients report no significant pain or discomfort during treatment. You may feel warmth beneath your skin from the Coolwaves® and a feeling of coolness on the skin surface from the contact cooling system. You may continue to feel warmth in the treated area for a few hours after the procedure.

What is the Downtime and Recovery After Onda?

There is no downtime associated with Onda body contouring. Clients can typically return to their daily activities immediately after the session.

Post-treatment side effects are usually mild and may include warmth, tenderness, itching, numbness, redness or swelling. Less commonly, some patients may develop mild bruising, nodules or blisters that typically resolve within a few days.

Unlike more invasive procedures, Onda does not require you to follow a recovery regimen with extensive aftercare instructions and activity restrictions. All you need to do is monitor the treated areas for any unusual changes and maintain a healthy lifestyle to support and enhance your treatment results.

What Results Can Be Achieved with Onda Body Contouring?

The results of Onda treatments develop in stages. A preliminary smoothing effect may be visible first, as the treatment causes immediate contraction of existing collagen fibers. This can occur in as little as one session.

More significant results are usually seen after the second or third session. This gives your body time to build new collagen and eliminate treated fat cell cells through the lymphatic system.

The results achieved with Onda can be long-lasting, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise can help prolong the benefits of the treatment. Some clients opt for maintenance sessions after the initial treatment course to preserve or enhance their results.

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How Many Onda Sessions are Usually Needed?

Multiple treatment sessions are recommended for optimal results. Most patients benefit from 3 to 5 Onda treatments, although it is possible to have more than this if needed. Your provider will advise you of the recommended number of sessions based on your goals and the number of areas you wish to have treated.

Onda treatments are typically spaced four weeks apart. This interval allows your body to process the treated fat cells and your skin to respond to the collagen stimulation. Increasing the treatment frequency is unlikely to lead to a quicker or better result.

Can I Combine Onda with Any Other Treatments?

Onda combines beautifully with our suite of innovative and powerful nonsurgical body contouring devices:

  • CoolSculpting uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells, furthering the fat reduction of Onda in targeted areas
  • Emsculpt NEO reduces fat and tones muscle using radiofrequency and HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology
  • Viora uses multi-RF technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production, enhancing the skin tightening effects of Onda
  • Emtone targets the root causes of cellulite through the simultaneous delivery of thermal and mechanical energy

Why Choose Aesthetic Polyclinic for Onda?

At Aesthetic Polyclinic, we pride ourselves on adopting the latest and most advanced aesthetic technologies. With its triple-action approach to fat reduction, cellulite treatment and skin tightening, the Onda body contouring system is one of the most unique and efficient body sculpting technologies on the market.

Our team of experts will work with you to understand your goals and create a bespoke treatment plan. Our providers have extensive experience in using this technology and a deep understanding of how to achieve optimal results. Our patients have seen significant improvements in their body shape and overall appearance.

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Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Onda body contouring delivers three effects in one treatment with no downtime and lasting results. Request your one-on-one consultation at Aesthetic Polyclinic in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Al Ain to find out if Onda is right for you. A team member will reach out to schedule your appointment at your convenience.

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