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At the start of puberty, a lot of hormones are released into the body. One of these hormones is testosterone. Both boys and girls have testosterone and other related hormones called androgens, but boys have more of them. Androgens affect oil glands in the skin of the face, neck, back, shoulders and chest. They make the glands grow bigger and produce more oil (sebum).

Bacteria on the skin and blocked pores result in blackheads, pimples and cysts. A teenager is more likely to get acne if one of their parents had it during adolescence, but even in the same family, some people may get worse acne than others.

Girls tend to get it at a younger age than boys and it can become worse or ‘break out’ at certain times of a girl’s menstrual cycle, such as just before a period and they also tend to have ongoing acne, even into their 30s or 40s. Boys often have more outbreaks than girls, and they often seem to get more severe acne – worse pimples and more cysts.


Some acne treatments can be bought over the counter at pharmacies or supermarkets. These work by cleaning the skin and drying up excess oil. Mild irritation can occur with such treatments. If this happens, take a short break from treatment and restart after a few days. If the irritation is excessive, stop the medication and speak to your doctor about an alternative.

It is a good idea to talk to a pharmacist before you buy a product to find out which treatment might be the most useful for you. A cleanser for acne-prone skin may be all that is needed for mild acne. Don’t rely on advertisements or the advice of friends.



Skin ageing caused by sun exposure, facial blemishes due to excessive pigmentation and, in general, imperfections caused by melanin, are more and more common problems today. “Dark blemishes”, especially on hands and face, are one of the greatest aesthetic concerns of modern women. It will only be possible to remove the skin blemishes and pigmentation with deep pigmentation peels that have a direct effect on the formation process of the pigment.


Effective in all types of melasma (pigmentation)
Compatible with all skin complexions
There are minimal side effects (very little redness and flaking)
Beneficial for acne patients by reducing oil gland productions
Skin becomes bright and rejuvenated with lightening of spots and brown areas

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